Walking the green talk.

For Over Two Decades.

Who is NettZero ?

Our Vision

Climate Change Mitigation cannot be achieved without the participation of every one of us. 
NettZero aims to install a sense of urgency and create a comprehensive ecosystem that involves organisations, institutes, governments and individuals to meet one goal:
The reduction of 500 million tonnes of CO2e by 2026 end. 

Our Ethos

NettZero is an organisation that is over two decades in the making – with a deep-rooted connect with the environment & sustainability. One of our founders has created a 25 acre forest out of barren land in Maharashtra and the other lives in a remote Himalayan village, working on grassroot level impact. 
We practice what we preach and internally offset all our emissions. For example, we plant one tree for every 5,000 emails that are exchanged. Our entire management team and office is committed to becoming Net Zero by December 2024 – making us probably one of the only companies in the world that has achieved this – albeit at our small employee count level. We are here for the environment & will work with you pro-bono, if need be. 

Our Team

At NettZero, we believe in doing the finest work that sets global benchmarks. 
While being an Environment First company, our team is completely on top of the latest global trends & practices – be it Artificial Intelligence or scaled implementation processes. 
Our team comprises environmentalists at heart – with the razor sharpness of the best consultants who understand real world applications & impact. 

Our Standards

Climate Change & Sustainability is likely to become a buzzword with a herd mentality participation – leading to potential greenwashing. 
At NettZero, we are committed to work with those that seek to make a real difference and approach it with a high level of integrity. 
With this in mind, we deploy the most stringent of internal standards that distil the exacting specifications & mandates of global implementation processes of GHG Protocol, ISO 14068, BSI PAS 2060 – amongst others.

Commitment to Sustainability

NettZero's internal values that define how we pledge to support sustainability. This declaration is endorsed by our Founders, Directors and management.

Planet First

NettZero will always be a planet first organisation and never put profits over the needs of the ecosystem that nurtures us


NettZero will foster a culture of being transparent in its emissions disclosure - of the company and its people


NettZero will actively train its people in the aspects of being sustainable & planet friendly


NettZero will do all its business on the basis of the most relevant and current global standards - to foster relevance

Net Zero

NettZero will strive to become Net Zero at its earliest and become Carbon Neutral by end of 2024

Green Washing

NettZero will not work with entities seeking to misuse the Climate Crisis by greenwashing

Some NettZero Projects 

NettZero has in-depth expertise in Carbon Emissions Measurement, Carbon Offset Credits Purchase & Carbon Neutrality Processes. 
Our Voluntary Standards – called the NettZero Carbon Management Protocol – is structured after distilling the most demanding requirements from the leading standards across the world. 
While our Carbon Neutrality Certification is Voluntary and Standalone in Nature – it is assured of imparting processes that can stand the scrutiny of the highest standards of validation & verification. 

Indian Premier League

The Largest Emissions Calculation Ever Undertaken in India

Machan Resorts LLP

 Asia’s First Carbon Neutral Resort Chain

Symbiosis College of Arts & Commerce

Amongst the first 3 Carbon Neutral Colleges in the World

Plastic to Structures

Collecting plastic bottles and wrappers to develop social structures like schools and community centres that cater to EPR requirements. 

Our Team


Gautam Shiknis


Individual Carbon Footprint: 28 tCO2e
Carbon Footprint Offset: 30 tCO2e


Varun Hooja

Founder & Director

Individual Carbon Footprint: 20 tCO2e
Carbon Footprint Offset: 25 tCO2e


Vidhi Gaur

GHG Emissions Assessor

Individual Carbon Footprint: 3 tCO2e
Carbon Footprint Offset: 4 tCO2e

Ellipse 2283

Anjana Choudhary

Green Credit Program -Sustainable Agriculture

Individual Carbon Footprint: 3.4 tCO2e
Carbon Footprint Offset: 4 tCO2e

Ellipse 2286

Drishti Navlani

The Green Card Initiative

Individual Carbon Footprint: 3.8tCO2e

Carbon Footprint Offset: 4 tCO2e

Ellipse 2287

Shashank Arun Shetty

Direct Air Capture- Carbon Dioxide

Individual Carbon Footprint: 2.7 tCO2e
Carbon Footprint Offset: 3 tCO2e

Ellipse 2284

Drishya Sinha

Green Credit Program-Tree plantation

Individual Carbon Footprint: 3.5 tCO2e
Carbon Footprint Offset: 4 tCO2e

Ellipse 2288

Soham Sawant

Direct Air Capture- Methane

Individual Carbon Footprint: 3.2 tCO2e

Carbon Footprint Offset: 4 tCO2e

Ellipse 2285

Diksha Singh

Green Credit Program- Ecomark

Individual Carbon Footprint: 2.5 tCO2e
Carbon Footprint Offset: 3 tCO2e