Fundamentals of Climate Change

Date: 15th March, 2024

Duration: 3 hours

Fees: 2500/-

Trainers: NettZero’s Expert Team

Description: Explore the Fundamentals of Climate Change with our comprehensive training program. Participants will uncover the science behind climate change, understanding its impacts on ecosystems, economies, and societies globally. Through interactive sessions, attendees will learn about key drivers such as greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation, as well as the consequences like extreme weather events and biodiversity loss.

The program will also address the intersectionality of climate change with sectors such as agriculture, energy, and health, presenting both challenges and opportunities. Real-world case studies will illustrate innovative strategies for climate adaptation and mitigation. By the program’s end, participants will possess a holistic understanding of climate change and be empowered to advocate for action and sustainable solutions. Join us on this journey towards climate resilience and sustainability.