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Bharat Green Credit Program

1 Mar 2023

An overview with the detailed access to all gazetted notifications points.

Bharat EPR Program Gazette

1 Mar 2023

To remove any doubts or ambiguities related to EPR, read the Gazette notification which covers every aspect of it, in entirety.

Carbon Markets & Standards

1 Mar 2023

LDC negotiators strive to reshape their agenda, advocating for their priorities on the global  stage.

Get Net Zero right

1 Mar 2023

A how-to guide for spotting credible commitments and those that miss the mark.

The Climate Dictionary

1 Mar 2023

A how-to guide for spotting credible commitments and those that miss the mark.

OXFAM Report

1 Mar 2023

Explore per capita consumption emissions and the pursuit of the 1.5°C goal.

Bharat Ecomark Notification

1 jan 2024

All the details of the Bharat Ecomark Scheme – as per the rules and regulations

Societal Transformation Through Long-term Decarbonization and Climate-Resilience Planning

7 jan 2024

Fostering societal transformation via long-term decarbonization and climate-resilience planning for a sustainable future.

Corporate Climate: Embracing Carbon Credits

13 oct 2023

The report showcases companies in the voluntary carbon market leading climate transparency, ambition, and action, bolstering their credibility.

Climate Change 2022
Mitigation of Climate Change

1 Mar 2023

Insight into the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report

Global Risks Report 2023

11 jan 2023

The World Economic Forum’s findings underscore climate change and biodiversity loss as critical global risks.

Financing the Green Energy Transition: A US$50 trillion catch

1 nov 2023

To achieve global net-zero GHG emissions by 2050, a shift to renewable energy demands annual investments of US$5-7 trillion.

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